To be a successful band - you need a solid team, starting with a manager. By providing management services, Purchase Productions takes some of the pressure and workload off of band members. Services in management include advising on creative, business and personnel decisions, promotion of the band and events, communication with venues, local media, and more. You need someone looking out for you and finding opportunities for your band and music. We got your back.


tour management

With years of experience on the road, Purchase Productions knows what it takes to run an efficient and successful tour. Communication with the venue ahead of time and day of show, advancing shows with venue management and other bands on the lineup, scheduling arrivals and departures - the tasks add up once you leave home. Our tour management effectively arranges tour schedules ahead of time, so you know where you need to be and when you need to be there. We make sure you’re on time and that you get what you are promised.



Your band is ready to hit the road. The only thing holding you back? Lining up some gigs in unfamiliar territory. Purchase Productions books 2 week tours for bands on a tour-by-tour basis. Our list of venues and experience in routing will ensure that you have a tour that is successful and makes sense. We’ll handle the emails, we’ll negotiate for you, and we’ll fight to get your band into venues all across the country.

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