Music Only IV

May 15, 2020

I've decided to bring back one of our listeners favorite type of episodes, Music Only. In this episode features a ton of awesome artists spanning all genres from jam to funk to edm to rock and more!


Late Night Session at Cowpie Music Festival

May 1, 2020

We are bringing you a special never before released episode from the vault. This episode was recorded at Cowpie Music Festival 2019 with our friends Stefan from Melophobix, Brad from Flexadecibel, and our old beloved co-host The Frutch. We get all kinds of wacky and crazy. You do not want to miss this episode!



April 24, 2020

For today's episode, Nate sits down with the members of Kalamazoo based psych/funk group, Trifocal. They chat about their come up in the scene and the crazy wacky stories that led them to their current life. You won't want to miss Eric's story about his party at a dentist office.


Covid-19 Relief Update for the Michigan Music Scene

March 24, 2020

Today we have a short special episode to help bring awareness to a bunch of awesome fundraisers going on in Michigan in an effort to support the Michigan music scene! Please listen and stay healthy.


Scott Pellegrom

March 19, 2020

Nate sits down with Scott Pellegrom, a world known professional drummer. They chat about the drumming community, what it is like to tour perform by yourself as a drummer, and much more!


Elle Lively of Crooked Tree Creative

March 19, 2020

Nate caught up with Elle for a quick chat about her past experiences in the music industry and what led her to starting Crooked Tree Creative. Listen now!


Brett Dame

March 19, 2020

On todays episode, Nate sat down with Brett Dame. We went through all his adventures since graduating high school including his experiences with Young Americans, Carnival Cruises, going on a national tour with Southpaw, and more.


Joe Keck

March 19, 2020

Today Nate sits down with Joe Keck for a chat on Marijuana, going on a national tour, being denied in Canada, and much more!


Ryan McMahon of Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers

January 8, 2020

In another episode from Cowpie Music Festival, we bring you some late night shenanigans with special guest Ryan McMahon (drums) from Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers! Also joining us is Isaac Berkowitz (guitar) from Desmond Jones. This one gets a little wild! Sit back and share some laughs and learn about Ryan!



January 8, 2020

In today's episode, we sit down with J.Rob from Grand Rapids. This is the first time we have had a Hip Hop artist in the studio with us, so join us as we get a feel for how the hip hop community thrives in Michigan and talk about life.


Distant Stars

January 8, 2020

Today we are joined by rock group Distant Stars. This one gets a little wild.


Stormy Chromer

January 8, 2020

Join us in another episode recorded live at Cowpie Music Festival this summer, as we have Ann Arbor rockers Stormy Chromer in the RV with us!



January 8, 2020

We are joined by Evan Wooters, aka Woots in today's episode, recorded live at Tip Top Deluxe in Grand Rapids with guest co-host Isaac Berkowitz! We talk about his adventures and latest release.


Dutcher from Earth Radio

November 8, 2019

We are joined by keyboard wizard Dutcher Snedeker of Earth Radio. Dutcher is involved in many different projects, has his hands on all sorts of cool stuff in the industry, and is a very fun guy to talk to. Join in on our laughs and conversation!


Sandra Effert

November 8, 2019

Grand Rapids Singer/Songwriter Sandra Effert joins us today! We talk about her upcoming release, how she tackles songwriting, as well as...food!


Vincie D

November 8, 2019

We are joined by the guys in Vince D, an up and coming group with incredible songwriting abilities. Make sure to check them out and look for them coming to a venue near you!


Conrad Shock

October 18, 2019

Today we are joined by Conrad Shock! We get to hear stories of their tour through the north east, talk all things music, and as usual, speak about food.


Ryan and Collin Dewitt of Dewitt Event Lighting

October 18, 2019

In another episode from Cowpie Music Festival we are joined by the Dewitt Brothers! They run their own lighting/production company and have worked in many different levels event production. It was a great conversation with lots of insight on how things work behind the scenes.


Caleb and Jenna of Political Lizard

October 9, 2019

In today's episode, we are joined by Political Lizard! These young, up and coming folk songwriters talk with us about how they got their start, their influences, and per usual, get a little silly with us.


Joe Hertler from Joe Hertler and the Raindbow Seekers

September 27, 2019

Another episode from Cowpie Music Festival, we have none other than Joe Hertler in the house! We talk about the scene, silent discos, and tons of other fun topics.


Max Lockwood

September 27, 2019

Today our special guest is Max Lockwood! A musician involved in many different projects, one of which being a spectacular group playing the music of the late Tom Petty, he has been involved in many facets of this industry for quite some time. So join us as we pick his brain on this weeks episode!


Justin Reckamp and Joe Re of Mungion

September 14, 2019

In another episode from Cowpie Music Festival, we were joined by Mungion! These Chicago area jammers are really making waves in the scene right now, and we had a lot of fun chatting with them. ENJOY!


Andrew Drury - LD for Trace Adkins

September 14, 2019

In today's episode, we are joined by longtime friend, and LD for Trace Adkins, Andrew Drury. We get some insight on working with such a high profile name and share stories from the past!


Elijah Russ

August 30, 2019

We are joined by Mr. Elijah Russ in this weeks episode! He is a part of quite a few different projects, as well as focusing on his solo work. We talk about all things music scene, and get some really great conversations going.


The Brandino Extravaganza

August 24, 2019

Brandon Proch joins us in the studio today! We learn about all 3 billion projects he is involved in, where his sights are set in the future, and get really deep on some pressing topics!


Farmer John

August 21, 2019

Our first of many episodes recorded at Cowpie Music Festival, Nate and guest host Antoine Helou are joined by Farmer John, owner of the property where the festival is held.


James Hughes

August 12, 2019

We meet with James Hughes, who is the director of Triumph Music Academy in Grand Rapids, MI. Along with that, James is involved in many different aspects of the music scene. We talk to him about everything that he does and get some really great insight and advice for those interested in pursuing music as a career.


Nick Small

August 2, 2019

Nate Dawg is joined by artist/engineer/songwriter Nick Small, formerly of Act Casual, as they discuss his recent change, working for a recording studio, and just talk music in general and the state of things in the scene.


Josh Rake of Rake Beer Project

July 26, 2019

On this episode, we get together with long time friend, sponsor, and collaborator, Josh Rake. We talk all things beer, music, and food, as well as his brand new brewery opening up in West Michigan!


Music Only Three

July 19, 2019

In our third installment of our "Music Only" Episodes, we feature a very diverse selection of music for you guys. From Hip Hop to Bluegrass, there is something here for just about everyone. Hope you enjoy!



July 12, 2019

We are joined by Evan Roy, aka, eRoy! We get some insight into his view of the music scene, what drives him to keep pushing boundaries, and have a lot of positive conversation about live music in general.


Shane Lewis and Dylan Wesley of Blue Oddity

July 5, 2019

Things get weird and we talk a lot about food in this episode of Life Through Music.


Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish

July 2, 2019

We chat about tour life in California, Jesse's hatred for squirrels, and a lot more!


Music Only Two

June 21, 2019

Enjoy our second music only episode!


Derrick Webber and Tim Martin of Liquid Thickness

June 15, 2019

Groove on Up 2019, dream fests, holidays, wizard staffs, and more. Listen to our newest episode featuring Derrick and Tim from Liquid Thickness.


Marshall Todd and Ryan Carpenter from Flexadecibel

June 8, 2019

Marshall and Carp stop by the studio to chat about all things Flexadecibel!


Jay Frydenlund and Brian Long of Chirp

May 30, 2019

We sat down for a chat with Jay and Brian to talk about the struggles of a touring band, listened to a new song on their debut full length album, and had some laughs.


Music Only One

May 23, 2019

Special music episode featuring the songs of some very talented artists.


Chris Bota and John Nowak of Desmond Jones

May 20, 2019

On episode 1, featuring Chris Bota and John Nowak of Desmond Jones, we chat about the early years and members and tour life. Listen now!