Purchase Productions

Purchase Productions was founded in 2018 by Nathan Purchase with a mission to aid local and regional artists in spreading their music and art across the country. With over 10 years of experience in the music industry, Purchase has put together a team based out of Michigan with services that include management, tour management, booking, professional photography, and graphic design.

Purchase Productions takes pride in a commitment and dedication to the local arts community while staying focused and determined to breaking artists onto the national scene.

Our current official roster consists of Desmond Jones, Jesse Ray & the Carolina Catfish, and Chirp. In the past we've had the pleasure of working with Desmond Jones, Jesse Ray & the Carolina Catfish, Chirp, Conrad Shock & the Noise, House With a Yard, Earth Radio, Isaac Berkowitz, and The Hacky Turtles.

Who We Are


Nathan Purchase

After graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in photography, Purchase took his love for music and art to a professional level, managing a local band, booking shows with Shakespeare's Lower Level in Kalamazoo, MI, and starting his own business; Nathan Purchase Photography.

His hands-on experience comes from years of hard work and grinding as a manager, photographer, and artist. In 2018, after years of tour managing Desmond Jones, and shooting hundreds of concerts for a variety of publications and bands, he started Purchase Productions in order to push the boundaries of his own dreams and goals for the music scene. When he’s not on the road or sending emails you can find him playing pickup basketball or smashing chicken wings.

Isaac Berkowitz

Guitarist and co-founder of the band Desmond Jones, Berkowitz has brought his knowledge and skills of booking and touring to Purchase Productions. Booking hundreds of shows for his own band, he is now ready to help upcoming local bands book their own tours on a tour by tour basis. He learned by doing and now he’s ready to help. Want to get out of your hometown and get on the road? Let’s talk.

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Sky Muilenburg profile

Sky Muilenburg

Sky is an artist and graphic designer with several years of hands on experience in the design world. Their passion for art started at a young age and has continually grown, shaping them into who they are today.

Music has always played an important role in their design process. Through lyrics and sound, music as sparked emotion and creativity in them. Their passion for art and music work in perfect harmony.